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Are You OK With This? A Washington State Park volunteer and military veteran was "FIRED" for refusing to remove Trump bumper stickers from his personal truck because someone who hates President Trump complained, calling him an "insurrectionist." The radical Left and Deep State government officials are trampling on the Constitution because they don't like the candidate someone supports. This is happening all across the country. Our rights are at stake; our political speech is at stake. We must win in a very big way at the voting booths or freedom will be gone!

Another week is quickly coming to an end. This has been a fun week of music.  I hope that you have taken the time to tune in to CCM Classic Radio and enjoy the blend of music that we bring you.

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Here Is The Schedule for Friday, May 18

6AM Album “I Saw The Lord” Dallas Holm & Praise

7:30AM Album “Child Of The Father" Cheri Keaggy

9AM Album “Long Journey Home" Cruse (NEW)

10AM Album “The Union of Sinners and Saint" John Schlitt / Billy Smiley

11AM Album “The Very Best of Aaron Jeoffrey”

12PM Album "Code of Ethics" Self-Titled

1PM Album “Stories From The Heart" Bob Carlisle (NEW)

2PM Album “Freedom" WhiteHeart

3PM Album “Come To The Well" Casting Crowns

4PM Album “A Different Kind of Free" ZOEgirl

5PM Album "Right Here" Charles Billingsley

6PM Album “Who We Are Instead" Jars of Clay

7PM Album “Stacie Orrico" Self-Titled

8PM Album “Another Time, Another Place" Sandi Patty

9PM Album “Long Journey Home" Cruse (NEW)

10PM Album “Stories From The Heart" Bob Carlisle (NEW)


I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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