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Greetings All!

"Gospel Monday is upon us. There are more and more folks out there that are taking a liking to these roots of CCM Music.

This week I have added a Hot Off The Press, Vinyl Revival Show. I have digitized The Cruse Family's 1st Recorded Album From 1974 "Love Is Taking Over". This is a really good album with a personal forward by yours truly. Just to make sure that you do not miss this wonderful body of music, I am running many times throughout Monday. It is a reach to say that it is Gospel, but it is such a great album, I had to share it with you; Enjoy!

I've been sharing with you in my posts that I was getting involved with a new ministry initiative. CCM Classic partnered with an organization, “Love Packages.” This year their goal is to ship $2,020 tons of Christian literature worldwide. Please go to the CCM classic Homepage and read more about this.
All the information is on the CCM Classic Homepage. Make sure to watch the very short video from founder Steve Schmidt.

Well, let's get into Gospel Monday's program schedule:

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Here Is The Schedule for Monday, July 11

3:30AM Vinyl Revival “Love Is Taking Over" The Cruse Family

4:30AM Album “The Best of The Gospel Years" Dion

6AM Album “A Few Good Men" Gaither Vocal Band

7AM Album "The Steeles Greatest Hits"

8:15AM Album "Masters of Gospel" HeavenBound

9:15AM Album "New Day" The Whisnants

10PM Vinyl Revival “Love Is Taking Over" The Cruse Family

11PM Album “Breathe Deep" Guy Penrod

12PM Album “Wow Gospel 2000 Disc 2" Various Artists

1PM Album “God Is Good" Gaither Vocal Band

2PM Album “10the Anniversary Live" The Greenes

3PM Vinyl Revival “Love Is Taking Over" The Cruse Family

4PM Album “The Bill Gaither Trio; Classics"

5:30PM Vinyl Revival “Live Naturally" The Kingsmen

7PM Album “The Rambos Collection"

8:30PM Album “The Crabb Family Greatest Hits"

9:30PM Vinyl Revival “Love Is Taking Over" The Cruse Family


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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings

Michael Lederer

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