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Greetings Friends,

Below is an important update:

Planned Parenthood and the radical Left are RUSHING to state courts to block trigger laws that were passed to ban abortions the moment Roe was struck down. And some state courts have already capitulated.

Radical Left governors are trying to block their own state's pro-life laws. Other states are trying to radically expand abortion through birth – for any reason – including legalizing infanticide. The abortion industry has unleashed a blitzkrieg of lawsuits in state courts. And Biden is demanding the Senate nuke the filibuster to unconstitutionally codify Roe.

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Philip Mayabb Todays Playlist Together; he was very excited about a compilation that he also put together titled, "The Praise In Us" I have it scheduled 3 separate times. Be Sure To listen!!!!

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So, without any further ado, here is who you will be hearing tomorrow on the airwaves of CCM Classic (all times are US Central Standard)

5AM - Album / "The Praise In Us" - Various Artists

6:00 AM - Album / "Songs For The Shepherd" - Keith Green

7:00 AM - Album / "Following You"- Andrus, Blackwood & Co.

8:30 AM - Album / "All Because of You" Lisa Bevill

9:30 AM - Album / "Higher Ways" - Christ Christian

10:30 AM - Album / "The Praise In Us" - Various Artists

11:30 AM - Album / "This I Know" - Kim Boyce

12:30 PM - Album / " Tell 'Em Again" - Dallas Holm & Praise

1:30 PM - Album / "Cutting Edge" Sweet Comfort Band

2:30 PM - Album / "Behind The Eyes" Amy Grant

4PM - Album / "Have a Nice Day" Lanny Wolfe Trio

5PM - Album / "Sincerely Yours" Gary Chapman

6 PM - Album / "I feel So Good About It" The Downings

7PM - Album / "Don't Give Up" - Andrae Crouch

8PM - Album / "The Praise In Us" - Various Artists

8:45PM - Album / "Tribute; The Songs of Andrae Crouch" - Various Artists

10PM - Album / "Jesus Freak" - DC Talk

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I hope that you will tune in!

Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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