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China is the most serious external threat to the American way of life.

President Biden embarrassed America on the world stage by letting a giant Chinese Communist spy balloon dangle over sensitive NUCLEAR installations for DAYS. Biden's continuous display of weakness has made the United States a laughingstock.

He stood by while the Chinese Communist Party gathered intelligence on key American military bases and defense sites. He FINALLY shot the balloon down, but a major Chinese threat to our national security remains ever present in the pockets of over a hundred million people across our country.

Through TikTok, the Chinese are SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS and injecting DIGITAL FENTANYL into the minds of our children. TikTok's terms of service allow it to collect your biometric data; faceprints and voiceprints; geolocation data; internet history; personal contacts; personal files; and even passwords and keystrokes. Under China's national security law, Chinese companies MUST SHARE your data with the Chinese Communist Party, military, and intelligence services.

I have added three new albums to "Gospel Monday":

  1. Singin' With The Saints - Gaither Gospel Series
  2. The Martins - Acappella
  3. Karen Wheaton - Church

Here Is The Schedule for Monday, February 13

4:30AM Album “Shout 2001” Various

9AM Album "Singin With The Saints" Gaither Gospel Series _ Various Artists (NEW)

10:30AM Album “Traveling On” The Mcraes

12PM Album “Church” Karen Wheaton (NEW)

1PM Album “Small Town Girl” Cindy Cruse

2PM Album “Hold On Tight” The Lesters

3PM Album “Acappella” The Martins

4PM Album “It Runs In The Family” The Hinsons

5PM Album “Anticpitation” The Anchormen

6PM Album “Greatly Blessed” Gaither Vocal Band

7PM Album "Singin With The Saints" Gaither Gospel Series _ Various Artists (NEW)

9PM Album “Church” Karen Wheaton (NEW)

10:30PM Album “Acappella” The Martins

As usual, we have a day loaded with great music, so with this being said, take the time to enjoy.

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Many Blessings
Michael Lederer

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