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No Sequins here by Alan Scott

It’s funny how the lives of so many rock icons can form a false mental picture.  It’s no wonder, of course.  Interviews of people like Mick Jagger, Elton John or Lady Gaga reveal their wealth, some up to hundreds of millions of dollars.  There’s an old rumor, dating back to an Elton John concert in Dallas, TX in 1974, concerning a stagehand who found a dsiamond on stage that allegedly came loose from one of Elton’s elaborate costumes.  After the death of Prince, his multi-million dollar estate, complete with multiple recording studios, was plastered all over the news networks.  Iconic rock history can be found by following the sequin trail.  Not so much our CCM artists.

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Happy Birthday, Billy Graham!

From time to time you can still catch a vintage Billy Graham crusade on a few Christian television networks.  Personally, I like the replays shot in black and white from an era long since passed.  He was young, full of vigor and energy that filled sports arenas and stadiums for some 67 years.  His sermons were straight forward, street level with one message, “Christ and Him crucified.”

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The Long Arms of CCM by Alan Scott

As CCM listeners, we all come from various backgrounds.   Let’s face it, if we were interviewed during a focus group setting, we would realize we CCM lovers are a bag of mixed nuts.  Our religious and denominational affiliations and history are varied.  It’s safe to say, broad and deep.

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Your CCM Memory by Alan Scott

Somewhere, somehow you were introduced to CCM through radio, church, a friend, family member or right here at CCM Classic.  We’ve learned that CCM Classic is enjoyed by various ages and backgrounds.  Really, it’s no surprise.  Yet, your CCM story is unique.

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A guest blog from CCM artist Cheri Keaggy: Lessons in Links and Retro Spotlight

I can feel my neck and shoulders tensing up. There’s a sick feeling in my gut. It will take everything in me to muster the courage, but I must. Once and for all, I must learn how to post a clickable link into my blog. I’m the featured artist this week on CCM Classic’s Retro Spotlight and that’s share worthy. Listening to vintage Cheri Keaggy tunes and hearing the stories behind them will be a great walk down Memory Lane, but I wont be able to take you along if I cant figure out how to post the blasted link.

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